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    May 14

    Archbald Borough Council Meeting – May 15, 2024


    Wednesday, May 15, 2024

    • Call to Order
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Roll Call
    • Announcement of Executive Session – May 8, 2024 @ 8:25pm for Discussion on Personnel Items
    • Lackawanna County – Mark Cordelli
    • Public Comment (Agenda Items Only)
    • Correspondence
    • Borough Manager Report
    • Motions:


    1. Motion to approve council meeting minutes from April 17, 2024.

    2. Motion to approve April, 2024 Bills Payable:


    • HNB General Fund –                         $168,721.43
    • Accreditation Grant –                         $5,920.48
    • James Way Small Water & Sewer Grant $2,884.00
    • Valley View Sidewalk MTF Grant $2,794.00
    • American Rescue Plan Fund $360.00
    • PIB Loan – $3,894.00
    • Recreation Tax Account – $1,576.00
    • Refuse Fund – $47,682.00
    • PA DEP 902 Recycling Grant $633.00
    • Total –                         $234,464.91


    3.  Motion to Accept Treasurer’s Report, Tax Collector Report, Planning Commission Report, Zoning Report, Mayor’s Report, Work Session Notes, and Reports of Committees

    4. Motion to Award Property & Casualty Insurance to Trident Insurance Through Joyce Insurance/Risk Strategies at an Annual Premium of $68,543

    5. Motion to Reimburse Eynon/Sturges Volunteer Hose Company in the Amount of $2,915 for Auto Insurance Premium

    6. Motion to Award COSTARS Contract to D&M Construction for Construction of Pavilion at Archbald Borough Veteran’s Monument Park at a Cost of $266,000.00, with an Amount of $238,958.00 to be Paid Through LSA Grant, and $27,042.00 to be Paid by Archbald Borough Veteran’s Monument Park Association.

    7. Motion to Carry Over $9,300 From 2023 Budget to 2024 Budget for Street Signs & Hardware

    8. Motion to Accept Resignation of DPW Employee J.P. Simon, effective ________, with Regret.

    9. Motion to Allow KBA Engineering to Advertise for Bids for the Gravity Slope Colliery Oil House Building and Site Improvements.

    10. Motion to Approve Replacement of Central Air Unit in Council Chambers by White’s Mechanical, LLC, at a Cost of $8,000.

    11. Motion to Allow Solicitor to Advertise Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

    12. Motion to Direct Solicitor to Draft an Agreement Between Archbald Borough and The Archbald Borough Veteran’s Monument Park Committee

    13. Motion to Accept Resignation of Tom Aniska from Zoning Hearing Board Effective 5/12/24

    14. Motion to Advertise for Open Zoning Hearing Board and Alternate Zoning Hearing Board Positions

    15. Motion to Advertise for Open Community and Economic Development Committee Position

    16. Motion to Advertise for Archbald Community Yard Sale to be Held on _______.


    Public Comment/Council Comment (General Items)

    17. Motion to Adjourn

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